Meet some of the numerous students who have graduated from Job Corps and read their stories. These stories are just a few examples of how Job Corps helps our graduates make success last a lifetime.

Markus F.


I’m Mitzie, the Grandmother of Markus who is currently enrolled in Clearfield Job Corps Center, Clearfield, UT taking the Auto Technology trade.

Before Job Corps Markus was lost with no direction in his life. He graduated from high school young and even though he’s extremely intelligent he didn’t perform up to his capabilities in high school. I talked to him about Job Corps and suggested he do some research into Job Corps. He researched and set up an orientation.

Clarence Toomer was his Admissions Counselor. Orientation went really well and Markus was ready to go. We discussed his orientation several times and you could tell this man had made a lasting impression on Markus. I had to know how someone he had only met once could have him so pumped up about school, and leaving home, etc

I got my answer and it was simple. Mr. Toomer was honest. He told Markus that it wouldn’t be easy. He told them that they would have housing, meals and a chance at a good education, but that the decision to make it work would be his and his alone. He told him that if he failed there would be nobody to blame but himself. He told Markus that if he wanted this then he would have to commit to hard work on himself, his trade, etc. The biggest thing Mr. Toomer told the group that impacted me was “anything worth having they will have to sacrifice a lot for it.” He told them that with hardwork they could have a good future for themselves.

Well, I finally met Mr. Toomer and I must say that I was impressed! He is direct, he is brutally honest, and very compassionate. He always says to the young people that “Your life is what YOU make of it” and he really makes them realize this.

Markus has been in Job Corps since September 1, 2015 and doing very well. His self-esteem is so much better, he has goals and dreams. He now sees the light at the end of the tunnel.


You have my admiration & respect
Mitzie F.

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