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Job Corps is a free education and vocational training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor.  Job Corps helps eligible young people ages 16 through 24 improve the quality of their lives through vocational and academic training. Job Corp’s mission is to provide skill development in key industry areas that allow them to become employable and independent by starting a successful career.

We salute every Job Corps student and all of the staff who have made a positive difference in the lives of young people!   ABC is a team of passionate people who share common goals, values, and purpose.  We proudly state that over 12% of our workforce are Job Corps graduates, who are now making a difference to those following in their path.

To learn more about what ABC and Job Corps offers to new applicants, graduates, employers or agencies, please explore our website.

Student and Employer Feedback

I feel so much better about my career!

ABC helped me get my focus and outlook.  I feel confident that I am headed the right direction and my career path is finally taking shape! Thank you ABC!

Bob S

Great person for the internship

We looked to ABC for matching our internship program with the right student and ABC came through with great candidates that fit within our company.  We will use ABC again for future employment opportunities.

Annette G

Are You Eligible to Enroll in Job Corps?

You may be eligible for Job Corps if you meet all of the eligibility requirements, including those listed below:

  • You are 16-24 years of age.
  • A legal U.S. resident; lawfully admitted permanent resident alien, refugee, asylee, or parolee, or other immigrant who has been authorized by the U.S. attorney general to work in the United States; or resident of a U.S. territory.

  • Meet low-income criteria.

  • Are not currently on probation or have any open court cases.

  • Are not using illegal drugs.

Click here to see the additional eligibility requirements you must meet.


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