Meet some of the numerous students who have graduated from Job Corps and read their stories. These stories are just a few examples of how Job Corps helps our graduates make success last a lifetime.

Cortez J., IUPAT

This student is a graduate from the Lyndon B. Johnson Job Corps Center in Franklin, North Carolina. This student was an IUPAT Painting, Pre-Apprentice Trade. The student completed his the James Madison High School Diploma Program and his painting trade within 7 months. This student received multiple certificates while at on the JCC including Certified Leader, Green Sustainability Awareness Training, and as well as others.

The student became employed at Vulcan Industries a subcontractor to Alabama Power. He also became a member of the International Union of Painters & Allied Trades District Council #80 where he will be enrolled in the IUPAT apprenticeship Program for three years after which he will become classified as a journeyman. His current pay rate is 12.60 hr. and his pay will continue to rise as he gains class hours and experience through his apprenticeship and on-the-job training.

Johnathan R.

When student was placed on my caseload I spoke with him and he really wasn’t in the best frame of mind. We went through all of the preliminary things such as Resume Writing, Interview Tactics and general subjects to ensure a positive placement plan was in place.

Unbeknownst to me the student was going through really personal issues at home and was very depressed and really wasn’t sure what direction to go in. His ultimate goal and continues to be enlisting in the US Navy.

Every opportunity for simple walk in jobs the student never followed through. I sat down with him and he stated personal issues at home had him really sinking. We discussed what would help him through this process and he stated working lots of hours anywhere.
Well, I knew of a seasonal position with Hickory Farms that I thought with his intellect, skills and persona he would really do well. He was hired and the GM is crazy about him.

After his first night working his shift alone he text me around 10pm and stated that he had exceeded his sales goals by about $50. He calls me the next night and says that he exceeded his goals again well over $150. This time he said that people in the mall who have watched this Hickory Farms kiosk in the past years noted that no one had moved product as fast as he did in the last week. He stated to me that he was offered another position with a different company, FT at about $700 a week.

Now this guy who was down in the dumps because of things going on in his home has skyrocted to the moon because as he states, “I’ve found my niche”.
This is a single grad student (GED). He AWOLed out because of the things going on in his home and wasn’t able to finish. But today he is soaring, and wants to get more involved in sales possibly real estate. We are now taking a look at how to become a realtor.

Bernard M.

Bernard is an example of what I would consider a Job Corps success story. He was an existing student on my caseload when I acquired it. Bernard is an older student (26 when he separated), the oldest of three boys to a single mother who spent her days and nights working a fast food job. Bernard, unsupervised due to his mother’s long hours could have easily been a product of his environment. This young man enrolled himself into Job Corps and went on to Earl C. Clements JCC and learned the welding trade. His portfolio was filled with awards, recognition's, and achievements.

From day one, Bernard was very eager and motivated to start wherever necessary to begin his career path. I placed him working with a Temp agency as a laborer. The recruiters at the agency, bragged on him and even offered referrals for him.

This student would get up at 5 am to catch 2 buses to get to the CTS Office for 8am. With NO COMPLAINT! CTS assisted the student to complete an application for Ingall’s Shipbuilding and transported him down for the all parts of the interview process and physicals. CTS assisted student to arrange transportation to Mississippi for work once he was hired. This student even called this CTS back to personally thank her for the assistance that was provided to him with the job search, transportation, and obtaining a phone.

CTS spoke with and Ingalls’s foreman and was informed the student is about to obtain his 3rd raise and receive a VERY large bonus. Student was more than willing to start out as a Rigger Helper and has now been promoted to a 3rd Class Welder.

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